Data Engineer - Python

New Delhi   |   Full Time

Infino's Card and Donut operate on a tonne of data; be it offers, be it reward listings, bank names, etc. Over the last release, we have created a very sophisticated data ingestion and processing pipeline and now we are scouting for talented engineers who can make this more efficient, automated and reliable; hence, we are scouting for a data engineer who has solid experience in Python and data related tasks.

Must Haves

  • 2+ years of experience in Python;
  • a good understanding of any one web framework (Django, Flask, etc.); and
  • solid experience in data scrubbing, cleaning and processing.

Good to have

  • experience with or understanding of ETL pipelines and automated;
  • experience with or understanding of gRPC/Protocol Buffers; and
  • experience with or understanding of AI/ML model management and/or training.

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